When it comes to investing, most of us look the other way, and we do almost ashamed, accustomed to thinking that “this is only for the rich”. “I have enough to get by day after day, to pay the mortgage, bills …”.

The fact is that we are marked by a system of erroneous financial beliefs, which functions as a software installed in our brain that is activated when certain expressions such as “you should invest”, “actions” offshore accounts “,” hear immovable property “… and that causes jump all alarms:” What are you thinking, unhappy, that’s not for you! Leave that for the rich, and devote yourself to sweat bread every day. “

Well, that self-installable software is nothing but a malicious virus that acts as a band, which prevents a clear view of reality. And it is that the economic environment is like the weather, almost unpredictable. Why meteorologists and economists are right in their analysis a posteriori, and almost never in their forecasts, which sometimes seem guided by a tarot fortune teller. In economics you will not know what will happen in the future, so investing is a necessity, an obligation to try to alleviate the maximum possible negative effects of an adverse situation.

Tips For Ordinary People

Although we must make it clear that these tips are for those who do not have large incomes and discussed in the daily struggle for survival. You have to make some effort, but everyone will know how to balance the scales to go scratching something every month, you can go getting into his private bank.

In any case, it is very important to diversify in location (not having all capital in the same place) and liquidity (you have to have more liquid capital, which can be called upon on a daily basis, and another less, to facilitate custody). So I recommend the following investments.

  1. The Current Account Bank Lifelong

Here we must take a share of the revenue. No other, because we have to debit receipts, cards … and if nothing happens, it is most convenient to operate the day. They may have a few thousand euros, between 3000 and 6000.

  1. Cash

Yes, we must take part in cash, hard cash. You may start for a few hundred euros, and you’re done taking thousands.

  1. Shares Of Large Companies

Multinationals operating in several countries, and can survive even a nuclear holocaust. In the same vein, it is also possible to have sovereign wealth funds, public debt.

  1. Currency

If you do not trust the euro enough (I recommend you do not rely so much), the same bank accounts usually allow to have the money in several currencies at once: Euro portion, another dollar, Swiss francs …

  1. Criptomoneda

For example, bitcoins, but there’s more. Who knows if any of them end up being the single world currency.

  1. Offshore Company Or Assets

If you have more capital and property, because you have a business or assets, mounts an offshore company or an asset. While all the money comes from lawful activities and is controlled by the Treasury, it is not illegal or you become a fraudster. From several floors, or more than 30,000 euros billed as offsets, and is not that complicated.

  1. Crowdfunding

This financing system allows invest small amounts in various companies, and who knows …

  1. Gold Coins

No bullion coins. The ingots are more difficult to place, and are not practical for common transactions. Moreover, they are more easily falsifiable. They can be purchased even online. You have to find it for up to one ounce of weight (less is better) and 22 karat purity.

  1. Small Jewelry

In the aforementioned gold coins, add a complement: small jewels, gold or silver, which can easily be sold: earrings, rings, earrings, chains …

  1. Lands

If a town or city is devastated, if there is not a building standing, value is lost investing in floors. But if you have the land … you still have the land. Scripture must be preserved safe. To know more about Business investment tips go to usi tech reviews, the site for how to invest in business, tips and tricks.