There are several exercises and foods to enlarge the penis in a week but not permanently, very effective to increase several cm the size of the member, but we must never forget that we must complement these exercises with certain foods, which will help us to potentiate more This growth of the penis.

The healthy diet as we know is essential for any improvement in the health of our body, a good diet helps you for whatever, for example:

  • If we want to avoid or control premature ejaculation.
  • If we want to lose those extra pounds.
  • If we want to lower our high levels of anxiety and stress.

And of course, it can also help us increase the size of the penis.

1) Ginger

Ginger is a highly recommended food for those who have small penis and want to enlarge the penis , or for men who have weak erections, this food helps you increase more blood flow to the penis and all organs of our body, it is even very good to lose weight.

Ginger will increase your virility.

2) The Ginkgo Biloba

This wonderful medicinal plant has many incredible benefits that you must include if or if in your diet if you want to increase the size of your penis and to improve your performance in bed.

3) The Famous Pumpkin Seeds

These seeds are very good since they help to accelerate the blood in our body since they contain vitamin E and this consequently also will help you to increase the blood flow that goes to the penis, and thus you can increase some cm more to your member, clear combining it with exercises.

4) Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate if consumed moderately, has very good effects in terms of sexual intercourse, increases libido and desire, and also increases blood flow throughout our body including the one that goes to the penis, and It contains “flavonoids”.

5) Watermelon

There have been several studies where it has been shown that watermelon is something like the natural viagra this delicious fruit helps you to have erections much faster than normal, and very followed, this will benefit you as the more erections you have, these are going to be much harder and more powerful each time.

There are also some very good exercises that you must include along with the diet to be able to increase the size of your member, you can read here In this article is a step-by-step tutorial to enlarge the penis naturally.