After investing a lot on your car and the time has come for you to change your engine oil, many of us get confused on the type of oil to use. Making a wrong decision could be really detrimental to your engine thus the need to carefully choose your type of oil. The market is saturated with many types of oils including the latest in the market that is best synthetic oil that is steadily gaining the confidence of many car owners. But why is this so?

It Is Long Lasting

How often you need to change your oil is one crucial factor you need to consider here. Most mineral oils are known to heat up fast and getting thick within a short mileage of cover. This calls for regular changing of your oil. Unlike synthetic oil which you probably have to drive for thousands of miles before changing, the mineral oils will end up being more expensive. So why not invest in a type of oil that will get you the value of your money.

Thermal Stability

Are you rolling a turbocharged engine? These engines are known for high operating temperatures that quickly heat up the conventional types of oil making them thick and hard to flow. The end result is faster wear and tear of your engine. Due to thermal stability of synthetic oil, it is possible to ride in these machines without any problem. This oil heats less and flows perfectly making it ideal for use. You need to use a type of oil that protects the engine of your machine by providing adequate turbocharge cooling effect which is necessary for your engine to run for longer.

This type of oil is clean promoting its circulation and thus enhancing performance of the engine. The oil being manufactured with addition of such components as phosphorous, sulphated ash and sulfur makes the oil effective in reducing wear of engine parts.

Talk of top model of cars in the market such as Mercedes and Porsche and you will learn that manufacturers insist on using synthetic oils simply because of their enhanced benefits. You can as well boost functionality and performance of your car engine by using this type of oil that is cheaper, clean and easy to flow.  You need your machine to service you for long enough and taking care of the engine is essential. Use synthetic oil today and you will come back to thank me.